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2017 Jeep Wrangler
Owner: Mark Eller, Valdosta, Georgia
Builder: Kenny Hauk, Chambersburg, PA


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Engine/Drivetrain: 12-valve Cummins diesel, NV 4500 transmission, Atlas transfer case, JE Reel 1350 drift shafts, Ford Super Duty 1 ton axle, B.A.D bead lock wheels, 47” Pit Bull Growler tires, Ruff Stuff suspension with Bilstein coil overs.

Highlights: Hand-formed aluminum body machined to look like Ford GPW, solid hex bar/roll cage and molded into the body, chopped 3”, interior Bartact seats and belts. Inspired by 1940 build in Howards Starks laboratory, complete creative freedom provided to the builder, custom milled hex bar aluminum was the biggest challenge.

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