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1929 Ford Model A
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1929 Ford Model A
Owner: Mark & Dennis Mariani, Winters, CA
Builder: Rad Rides by Troy, Manteno, IL


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Paint: BASF Custom mix, painted by Rad Rides by Troy.

Engine/Drivetrain: Aluminum 1st gen small block, 3 two-bar throttle body, modified Bowler Legend 5-speed transmission, original Winters Halibrand quick-change rear axle, front and rear complete adjustable torsion bar suspension, machined engine parts and suspension done in house.

Highlights: Body mods - 95% hand-built chassis, countless machined parts - steering, wheels, integral shock and headlight bucket connected to core support.
Interior - Italian hand-tipped leather, German square-weave carpet, scratch-built seat frame and panels, custom headliner.

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