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1955 Ford Thunderbird
Owner: Dwayne Peace, Tyler, TX
Builder: Matthew and Jonathan Peace, Torq’d Design Lab, Tyler, TX
and Greening Auto Company, Nashville, TN


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Paint: BASF clear over a base Honda Red

Build Time: 9,100 hours build time over four years

Engine: Banks 6.0 twin turbo with Bowler 4L80E transmission. Mustang II front end with triangulated 4 link rear 9-inch rear end

Highlights: Hoped to build a Ridler contender from the start -- This T-bird is a family owned vehicle for 20 years

Full metal construction was completed by Matt and complete design work was done by Jonathan in their respective companies. Once the body work was designed and constructed, Jesse Greening was called in for body and paint. Steve Tracy from Advanced Plating was called in for the exact fitments and finishes for the moldings and trim. Paul Atkins stitched the interior for the European and exotic look and feel. The Thunderbird was crowned the 2012 Ridler Award winner and has since won numerous best of show awards on both the indoor and outdoor circuits this past year.

Choice Awards are presented to the runners-up to the prestigious Shine Award given at SEMA

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