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1966 Ford Mustang “Martini T5-R”
Owner: Carl Williams, Longview, TX
Builder: Steve Strope of Pure Vision Design, Simi Valley, CA


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Paint: Cloud White

Build Time: 12 months

Engine: 66/67 Ford Indy 4 Cam, C&R Performance Nascar 4 speed (63 lbs.) -- Ford 9-inch rear end C&R 1/3 member with built in diff oiler pump -- The heads have been inverted so the stacks point outward picking up the cold air intakes

Highlights: The car was built by asking the question, “What if Ford got together with Martini Racing?” -- The car is race prepared incorporating Shelby R race components in developing the Ford 4 cam motor for road use -- The whole car was lightened in every possible way to achieve the best power to weight ratio -- The front end also incorporates late model Charger turn indicators -- The wheels are Indy inspired design

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