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2005 Chevrolet Silverado “The Heroes Truck”
Owner: Dale Ison, Hillsboro, OH
Builder: Jon Watts, Hillsboro, OH


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Paint: Jon Watts body prep and clear coat and Mickey Harris airbrush

Build Time: 50,000 hours in 5 years

Engine: 540 cubic inch Big Block Chevy with 871 Blower Drive Services package as well as a seemingly endless list of high performance components. Modified turbo transmission.

Highlights: Dyna Tech axles were built especially for the project -- Weld Wheels wrapped in Super Swamper Tires

With its incredible level of detail, numerous awards have been achieved including many ISCA Best of Show, DuPont Top Gun Award and multiple magazine features. This truck is a tribute to the American Heroes. It was started prior to September 11th, with a Patriotic defined concept, but after the unforgettable day, the truck’s message was changed to show the personified American heroism throughout our history. Mickey Harris’ murals not only embrace our military, but also firefighters, police, nurses, politicians, astronauts, and any other U.S. citizen that has shown courage and self-sacrifice. This is a tribute to all of our past, present and future American Heroes.

Choice Awards are presented to the runners-up to the prestigious Shine Award given at SEMA

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