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1969 Ford Mustang “Mach 40”
Owner: David Eckert, Molalla, OR
Builder: Eckert’s Rod & Custom, Inc., Molalla, OR


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Paint: De Beer

Build Time: 3 years

Engine: 2006 Ford GT 5.4 liter. Dry sumped. Four liter Whipple supercharger. The MoTeC ECU allows the engine to be a flex fuel with traction control too. Dual Lamborghini throttle bodies. Adjustable power map to switch from 600hp to 850hp.

Highlights: C6 Corvette front and rear coilover suspension, 2006 Ford GT Ricardo transmission -- Custom wheel design is based on 1969 Ford GT Magnum 500 and the rears are 19s and fronts are 18s -- Hand made custom aluminum and carbon fiber composite panels. Modified Mach 1 seats, Italian suede leather dash with European and pig skin inserts -- Custom made frame with GT40 rear engine mechanicals -- 1969 Mustang roof structure, door posts grafted to create what would have been a rear-engine Mustang super car -- Hand made rear quarters and hood

The owner wanted the car to be built with the original Mach 1 design with a combination of a Mach 1 styling and the GT40 inspired drivetrain. He wanted it to be easily recognized as a 1969 Mustang. Mustang body has donated roof section, door frames, and the doors to finish the car. The tail section and the quarter panes, front fenders, hood, floor structure and the full peripheral frame are all new hand formed steel pieces. The body is two inches wider on each side and the roof is lowered two inches for appearance reasons. Front and rear glass is stock, but the side windows are custom.

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