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2011 Lexus LS600h L Hybrid

2011 Lexus LS600h L Hybrid
Owner: Clark Ishihara
Builder: VIP Auto Salon


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Details: 2011 Lexus LS 600 HL Hybrid - Owned by Clark Ishihara and built by VIP Auto Salon, Orange, CA. Paint is by PPG in a custom hue of macadamia and sprayed by Finish Line Auto Craft. Aero style package is by Wald. Time to build was 4-1/2 weeks. Drivetrain is the OE 600 HL, a 4.6-liter hybrid producing 480 hp. Other features include Wald Mahora MII wheels, a Performance Tube Systems exhaust, a custom interior, custom air suspension, 15-inch Brembo brakes, and Pirelli P Zero tires. The goal was to build a vehicle for the next generation of hybrid, expanding one area of detail with a green car by making a hybrid exciting and appealing to the young professionals. Located in Lexus booth #22699. http://www.vipautosalon.com

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