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1969 Ford Mustang Fastback
Owner: Matt Lazich, Anvil Carbon Fiber Products
Builder: Steve Strope, Pure Vision Design


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Details: 1969 Ford Mustang - Owned by Matt Lazich of Anvil Carbon Fiber Products, El Segundo, CA and built by Steve Strope’s Pure Vision in Simi Valley, CA. Paint is 2011 Range Rover Alaska White by PPG and laid by Mick Jenkens of Mick’s Paint in Pomona, CA. Drivetrain is a John Kaase 520 cubic-inch "Boss 9" all-aluminum 429 making 805- horsepower on pump gas. Transmission is a 5-speed Tremec from a modern driveline and a Kevlar clutch. The owner found the car online two miles from his shop. It was built as a marketing tool for his carbon fiber business and integrates many carbon fiber features. Build time was one year. Located in Anvil Booth #24929 in Central Hall. http://www.anvilauto.com/

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