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1932 Ford Sedan
Owner: Dan Smith
Builder: Pinkee’s Rod Shop


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Details: Owned by Dan Smith, Mansfield, TX, and built by Pinkee’s Rod Shop, Windsor, CO. Wearing PPG Candy Green paint, the build time was two years. Features a 392 Chevy Hemi, TKO 600 transmission and a Winters quick-change rear. Custom Halibrand-style 18-inch wheels by Mike Curtis are on all four corners. Mechanicals include cantilever brakes with hydraulics in the glove box and a 1.5-inch Schroeder steering gear box. Body has been shortened, wedge chop floor, and is sitting on a new Pinkee’s sectioned chassis. Metal treatment is natural nickel stainless. Interior features aluminum frame with brown leather trim, billet dash, custom steering wheel, and custom billet window slides. Billet components were created by Mike Curtis. Located in the Parking Lot Studio. www.pinkeesrodshop.com

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