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1969 Chevrolet Camaro dubbed “RaZoR”
Owner: Irv Woller
Builder: The Ringbrothers

Mothers® 8th Annual Shine Award Winner

1969 Chevrolet Camaro dubbed “RaZoR” and built by the Ringbrothers for owner Irv Woller. The Camaro’s powerplant is a Ram Jet GM Crate ZL1 #193 limited production motor mated to a T-56 Viper transmission. Rear is a Eaton TrueTrac with Strange Axle and Baer Brakes. Wheels are custom by Budnik riding on Goodyear F1 tires. Special features include Intensive cold air intake, flush-mounted stock glass, functional rear intakes, Audi TT seats, 1-off gauges by Classic Instruments and headlights by Harley-Davidson. Build time was 2600 hours over one year and features Mineral Gray BASF RM Line paint with 5300 clear. Located in the BASF Booth #21515.

In addition to the Shine Award, 13 Mothers Choice Awards were also presented during the show. See menu on left for Mothers Choice Award winners.

The Shine is a trophy depicting a car detailer’s towel — rendered in bronze — and awarded to the winner of the annual Shine Award at SEMA.

This “Best of Show” trophy is rendered in bronze by automotive sculptor Steve Posson.

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