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EcoJet - Visionary Class
Owner: Jay Leno, Burbank, CA
Builder: Bernard Juchli, Big Dog Garage, Burbank, CA


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Vehicle Specifications

Inspiration: A car to complement Jay’s turbine-powered motorcycle and to be “Green” (environmentally friendly). Designed on a napkin, the aero package was developed by GM’s 5350 Industrial Concepts in North Hollywood. The carbon fiber body design was finished by Metalcrafters in Fountain Valley.

Time to Build: 8 months

Driveline: Z06 chassis, widthened and widened, Alcoa-developed rollover structure and wheels, ducting in wheels designed to aid in cooling the turbine’s heat.

Engine: Honeywell LT-101 Biodiesel (used in the Bell Helicopter 222 model), coupled to a transfer box and then to a C5 automatic transmission. Produces 650 hp at 48000 rpm (turbine); 6000 rpm at output shaft. Estimated speed is in excess of 200 mph.

Interior Features: Heads-up speedometer and 3 LCD instrument panel, with cameras replacing rear- and side-view mirrors. Seating arrangement is for two, and molded composite fits Jay in the driver’s seat.

Booth: GM

Choice Awards are presented to the runners-up to the prestigious Shine Award given at SEMA

2006 Choice Award Winners

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