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1938 Chevrolet Coupe - Street Rod Class
Owners: John and Elaine Boyce, Omaha, NE
Builder: Dale Boesch, Boesch Auto Body, Humphrey, NE


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Vehicle Specifications

Inspiration: John always wanted a hot rod since he was in high school, so 40 years later (in 2002) he began this project

Time to Build: 4 years

Driveline: LS-1, supercharged, injected mated to a 6-speed transaxle and a carbon fiber driveshaft. C5 Corvette suspension is fitted with a Firestone IntelliRide air spring system

Paint & Body: Dale Boesch

Special Thanks to: good friend Dale Boesch for building one incredible car to drive.

Booth: Firestone

Choice Awards are presented to the runners-up to the prestigious Shine Award given at SEMA

2006 Choice Award Winners

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