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2007 Lincoln MKX - Contemporary Class
Owners/Builders: Billy Longfellow and Ernie Bunnell
3D Carbon, Newport Beach, CA


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Vehicle Specifications

Drivetrain: Production 3.5L V6 and 6-speed transmission, custom 22-inch 3-piece wheels

Inspiration: Bringing the youth back to Lincoln

Purpose of Build: To appeal to the hot rodding market

Time to Build: 30 days

Interior: Katzkin, Montebello, CA

Suspension: H&R Sport springs with 2-inch drop in front and 1.5-inches in rear

Special Thanks to: HRE, duPont, Brembo, Katskin, Microsoft and Pirelli

Audio: Microsoft upgraded the electronics and incorporated it with Pioneer AVIC-Z1 powered by Microsoft Windows and XBOX 360

Booth: Ford

Choice Awards are presented to the runners-up to the prestigious Shine Award given at SEMA

2006 Choice Award Winners

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