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1955 Chevy Nomad “NewMad”
Owner: Dave Hall, Phoenix, AZ.
Builder: Steve Frisbie, Steve’s Auto Restorations, Portland, OR
Designer: Chris Ito

Designed by Chris Ito, built by Steve Frisbie, owned by Dave Hall, the NewMad melds the classic features of a 1955 Nomad with truly inspired vision, artistry, design, detail and craftsmanship.

Praising its innovative styling, superior craftsmanship and stunning paint finish, Mothers® Polish presented the first annual Shine Award to the NewMad.

Steve Frisbie, builder (left), and Dave Hall, owner (right)

“Considering the outstanding quality of vehicles that always appear at SEMA, it’s rare when a car like NewMad stands out so clearly,” said Dennis Holloway of Mothers® Polish. “Mothers® is proud to honor NewMad as best in show with the first annual Shine Award.”

Dave Hall, owner (left), and Steve Frisbie, builder (right)

“The NewMad is an excellent showcase of how an older car can be modified with modern technology without losing any of the vehicle’s original character,”  noted Ken Holland, director of marketing for Mothers. “All of us at Mothers have a long history of restoring and building our own cars, so we can truly appreciate the work that goes into all the vehicles in the Shine competition. We love to drive and work on our cars just as much as our customers.”

NewMad was featured on an edition of the Mothers® Polish Car Show, televised by ESPN2 in Spring 2002. The show also included the awards ceremony and a look at the 10 runner-up vehicles that received the Mothers® Choice award.

Vehicle Specifications

Chris Ito, designer

Preserving key design elements on the 55 Nomad was a primary goal of Ito and Frisbie as they built NewMad. Familiar chrome trim, canted B- and C-pillars and even the roof ribs were retained, yet the wagon was stretched, channeled and chopped for a contemporary appearance. The traditional two-tone paint scheme is comprised of a Majestic Blue/Kandy Cobalt body accented by a White Pearl roof.

Under the skin, however, NewMad is as modern as any racecar or concept vehicle. The custom tube frame features Corvette hardware integrated with an air-ride suspension. Huge 14-inch brakes hide behind 20-inch wheels also designed by Ito just for NewMad.

The hand-stitched interior features custom-dyed leather seats from a Lexus, 99 Cobra instrumentation and a 550-watt sound system. Power is provided by a 540-horsepower, 496 cubic-inch all-aluminum Arias engine.

For more information, contact Steve’s Auto Restorations:

The Shine is a trophy depicting a car detailer’s towel — rendered in bronze — and awarded to the winner of the annual Shine Award at SEMA.

This “Best of Show” trophy is rendered in bronze by automotive sculptor Steve Posson.

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